Safe As Houses

by jean-paul | November 30, 2012 at 01:00 PM | categories: house, maine | View Comments

Let me catch you up on just one of the many goings on here in scenic Maine. Jericho and I now live in a house.

Yes, that's right. The yurt served us well(-ish) in its time, but its time came to a close a few months ago. Let's wish it a farewell for now.

Just up the road from the former site of the yurt, we came across an opportunity that can now only be described as too good to pass up.

Alright, I admit, I might have gone with a different color given the choice. At least vinyl lasts forever, right?

So we've got ourselves three whole rooms now. A combined kitchen/living room area:

And another rather square area which we'll call a bedroom:

There's also a bathroom, on which count you'll have to use your imagination, as I appear to have neglected to take any pictures of it. I can absolutely assure you it has all of the modern conveniences, such as plumbing.

The house has wood heat, so we got ourselves a big old pile of firewood:

There's a shed and a barn too:

Jericho built that door, so here's a close up to better admire her handiwork:

That's roughly the tour. Actually that's the tour from a month ago. Maybe I'll get some new pictures up soon, with some boxes unpacked and some of the improvements we've made. :)

I have to say, it's pretty nice having someplace to call home again. This is the 4th place we've lived this year, and the 5th move. I'm looking forward to sticking around for a while, knowing where things are (and not having that be "in a box", at least for most things), taking showers. You know, all that regular stuff. Of course, that's after we get back from San Francisco...

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