Yurt II: The Yurt Returns

by jean-paul | May 22, 2012 at 09:00 AM | categories: yurt, maine | View Comments

With the season now in full swing, finding time to actually reflect on what's happening is harder and harder. All of the farm projects are exciting, engrossing, and educational (usually heavy on the education, if you catch my drift), but I'm so glad when my head hits the pillow at night. This also makes me intensely appreciative whenever someone lends a hand. Jericho and I were fortunate enough to have a great group of family and friends do just that for us the weekend before last, at our yurt raising work party.

This was the second time we put up the structure. The first time wasn't too bad, and this time was even smoother. First, cribbing on which to level the platform.

You might think that's my overseer stance, but actually it's my I'm-tired-from-carrying-these-platform-pieces stance.

Then come the walls. One, two, four. You might thing three would be in there somewhere, but it's not.

And a door.

Next the roof, which consists of a ring and about a million rafters. Fortunately we had lots of help to move the rafters.

Then the canvas goes over the roof.

The crown goes on and then the canvas for the walls.

And then it's a yurt!

Though we've been living in a cabin without electricity for the last four months (albeit less than a quarter mile from my mom's, where there is electricity), we decided we wanted electricity at the yurt. Beyond the obvious, there's a very practical motivation for this.

Last weekend we got the solar panels installed and set up some electric fence. The electric fence is part of another story, though. Tune in next time for more on that.

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