A Taste Of Spring

by jean-paul | March 20, 2012 at 12:00 PM | categories: building, maine, seedlings | View Comments

By the reckoning of some, spring is now upon us. This might not be much of an occassion in central Maine in years past, but the last few days up here have been decidely spring-like, at times verging on summerful. Just a few short weeks ago we were taking snowy walks through biting wind. Now the sun is shining, the temperature is up around 18°C (mid 60s for you Americans), and the snow is fading fast.

The warm sunny days give us a great opportunity to get our seedlings out where they can thrive. We're up to almost thirty trays of seedlings now, and there's not nearly enough light for them inside, even co-opting my mom's seed bench. The hoop house is still a day or two away, so for now we have a make-shift low tunnel in our front yard.

The hoop house is coming along, though. We cut all the saplings and started getting them used to their new shape. At the same time, we also cut some smaller wood to use for low tunnels later on the season.

Nights are still a little bit chilly up here (down to freezing last night, for example), and it'll probably snow at least once more, so it's not clear when we'll actually be able to leave anything outside overnight. And the field has some drying out to do before we'll be transplanting anything into it.

Some exciting stuff is coming up. I'm glad to be back from California and not have any more major travel planned. And speaking of excitment, Jericho had some while I was away. I won't tell the story, but I have to post one of the pictures she took.

Happy spring, everyone.

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