Phase Two and Potting Soil

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On Friday, February 10th we headed to Maine with an extremely full van. I had to be careful to avoid bumps, or at least drive over them very slowly so as not to break an axle or anything. we definitely put the shocks to the test. But we made it! I thought I would include a few pictures of the inside of my cabin in Vermont (by request) and then move on to some pictures of our new home (Phase Two) in Dover-Foxcroft.

Here's the VT cabin:

And here is the Dover-Foxcroft cabin:

The cabin in Dover-Foxcroft was built by Nick and Lori Calderone (JP's parents) about 30 years ago. It is a lovely little two-floor building and they did much of the work with a chainsaw which makes it even more impressive!

You may notice that the pantry looks a bit like the inside of a shower stall. That's because it is the inside of a shower stall. At one point Lori did have running water hooked up, but now we haul our water from the hand pump just outside so I decided to re-purpose the shower. Every bit of space counts!

In the midst of getting settled in and learning the ropes of living without power and running water (which is wonderful, but takes a lot more time and planning than the alternative), our potting soil from Vermont Compost arrived!

I had figured that we would be using a little over one yard of potting soil for our garden this year. However, when I looked around at purchasing options it was actually going to be cheaper to buy two yards in bulk from Vermont Compost than to try buying individual bags of potting soil elsewhere. I knew that this would be quite a lot of potting soil, but assumed it would come on a big dump-type truck which would be tricky if the roads were muddy, but shouldn't have a problem getting down the driveway. Instead, it came on a tractor trailer!! Luckily, they hadn't posted the roads yet (they are posted now).

We spent some time at the end of the driveway discussing the possibilities with the truck driver because we weren't sure he could even fit in the driveway. But he was willing to give it a try and sure enough, with some seriously precise driving he made it! Now we have a giant marshmallow of potting soil waiting for ou very first seeds. It is a little hard to believe, but those seeds are actually scheduled to be planted this weekend. Giant Kohlrabi I believe. And then onions next week. So it begins...

Happy planting everyone!

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